Due to the nature of the colouring & crafting process of some of the materials used (leather and hand dyed/woven textiles)
in our products, actual product colours & patterns may vary slightly from the images displayed on our website. This is not a
product fault and should not be deemed a valid warranty claim. Also due to the nature of these materials moulding is not
precise so some products may have slightly rough edges and mould remnants, this is not a product fault and should not be
deemed a valid warranty claim in most case

  1. All products purchased from us have a 2 months manufacturer’s warranty.
  2. If the item has clearly been used or is damaged by use we cannot provide an replacement, repair or refund. Bags are
  3. not covered under our Warranty Policy for: General wear and tear or misuse of any part; defects or damage caused by
  4. the user; undue exposure to sunlight, heat, water or pressure; incorrect maintenance E.G. damage from inappropriate
  5. cleaning methods and actions that result in shrinkage, staining or tearing.
  6. Products that are faulty when received must be reported to us by email within 5 days.
  7. You will need to provide adequate proof of purchase that shows the product to be within the warranty period. See
    ‘How to make a warranty claim’.
  8. Be aware, some products (colours/textiles) are limited edition and you may not be able to get a direct replacement.
  9. Please use standard postal service when you return your purchase to us.- do not incur the expense of a courier firm.
    See ‘How to make a warranty claim’.
  10. Saffair will refund your return postage cost only if your warranty claim is validated by us.
  11. If items are damaged in return shipment we cannot guarantee a replacement, repair or refund.