Color is life

Be the best you can be. These wise words are my mother’s greatest gift. She encouraged me to be myself,
wherever my journey might take me. I grew up in a traditional family on the rural plains of the Dutch Veluwe
region, where humble, neighborly love involves community support work and can-do practical aid to those in need.

Discovering different continents and tribes has made me appreciate the unique beauty of people’s individual
palette of life. The colors and textures of artisanal products speak to me like paintings. They tell stories,
express character, spark imagination, and trigger aspirations. Leading to new perspectives. On bringing color to life.

Saffair is a celebration of beauty uncovered in traditional arts and crafts. By designing art pieces for a color
full life. Every piece is crafted in collaboration with remarkable people, telling their own story and inviting you
to do the same. A unique opportunity to support sustainable development and enrich your life’s palette.